Women in Black: The Ladies have Landed!

They are here. They have come! They tell stories from the heart. They have no time to mince words. They have no airs but a humble heirloom just for you, given with all the love they could muster. But can you love us back, they ask, even after eavesdropping on our intimate conversations through space and time?

You’re about to huddle with a sense of knowing, remembering. You’ll have to leave in disbelief only to feel compelled to return, reconvene with that which you know is true, is you, the very heart of you. Come and go as often as you need, as much as you can tolerate, swallow, digest. But hear them out in their entirety, bear with them. Read their words to a welcome release, a worthy conclusion. Read the words of these Women in Black penned in dried ink.