Women in Black – The Briefest of Synopses

Dehumanization; objectification; materialism; exploitation. Each of the 5 short stories in Women in Black will explore one or more of these themes. The book is intended as a cathartic memory experienced through the elements of literary fiction, dark comedy, satire, magic realism and Trinidad folklore. Exploring mother-daughter and sister-sister relationships, the novel will appeal outwardly to members of this readership; however, a male audience could gain insight into how best to provide support and encouragement to promote the healing of these fractured bonds. Aimed at teens 16+ and adults, this novel will test the concept of Connected Fiction to the fullest – the emptying of long-held grievances, hurts, misunderstandings and finally, reconciliation.

The Baying of the Bloodhounds: dehumanization. A haunting tale from the past that still resonates.

Bridal Shop: objectification/materialism. This story honours the comedic genius of the Caribbean greats – its plays, poetry and stand-up acts.

Ward 504: exploitation. Privilege is no guarantee of an escape from its fallout.

Big Titi and Little Dee’s Baby Grand Piano: the penultimate story. It is the culmination of all four themes.

Housewife: The Five Acts of Elspeth Sweeting: the final story – the ending and the beginning. A revisioning of all four themes for the present.

© IC Blackman 2018