What is a Gigamug, an Avatoon and a Gigatone?

So we’re on the verge of discovering the world of Gigatoons- explosive and uncompromising satire in cartoons. They are really an extension of the writing style of IC Blackman, with illustrations. But before she unleashes her arsenal of gigglefest-inducing cartoons, let’s get familiar with some of IC Blackman’s Gigatoons lingo, shall we (you’ve probably already figured it out, though):

gigamug n. A portrait of a cartoon character in gigatoons with a very brief character sketch. It’s a head shot with gigaspeak

gigatone n. Words spoken by the gigatoon, like a mantra, or the pet expression of a gigatoon

                    v. The speaking of a catchphrase as a gigatoon e.g. The toon had gigatoned yet again, to the abject irritation of its readers.

avatoon n. A self-portrait in Gigatoon style

Here’s an example of all three words to help clarify the verbiage: the Gigamug (it’s quite unfortunately a very true likeness- smirk), Avatoon and Gigatone of IC Blackman.

The colour palette is a tad muted in this sample but bears a close resemblance to the final product. You’ll see what I mean soon… Watch this space!


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