The Resurrected Chants of the Songbird

Basking in the electric ultraviolet evening’s soft afterglow

The retiring gilded sun bowing low

One heard the sweetest sound

As far as the keen eye could see

Coming from the highest reaches of a bending silver birch tree

Faded daffodils and wilted crocuses below

Forming a crown at its roots as spreading toes

Mother Nature in the throes

Of saying a goodbye to some

A guarded hello to the creeping young

Nestled in the tufted emerald ground

Hearts shouted out in the silence of awe

At what one too saw

Smile on one’s lips

Gently touching praying fingertips

As courting birds engaged in a call and response

Notes of a communicated love understood

Beats from the hood to Hollywood

Memories of Donnie and Roberta

 Lionel and Diana

Lauryn and the master, Marley

Nelly and Kelly

Marvin and Tammy

Ja Rule and Ashanti

Ella and Louis

Dinah and Brook

Uttering love notes back and forth from an ancient songbook

All singing an eternal spring was rebounding

Nature sounding

A resurrected chant of the songbird

Completely appreciated

Fully heard


© 2020 IC Blackman