The Many Ways to Say ‘Is it not?’

Thank you to all those who queried the use of ‘ain’t?’ in the novel Backwater. So that there are no misunderstandings, sometimes clarification is needed. This is a grateful moment y’all.

En’t? Ain’t? Innit? Eh? Aint? all ask the same question, ‘Is it not?’. The first and the third are both derivatives of ‘ain’t’, though ‘en’t’ has been spelt as ‘ent’ within more modern times.

The Trinidadian dialect, like other dialects in the Anglophone Caribbean, has many influences, both in its syntax and etymological slant. ‘Ain’t?’ or ‘En’t/Ent?’ would appear to be due to recent American influence. By recent, one refers to the ‘Mericens’ in the early 19th century, specifically from the region of Moruga, to the south of the island. You may read extensively on the ‘Mericens’ at your local library when you have a moment to spare.

For those who are familiar with British colloquialisms, ‘Innit?’ is similarly used, especially in East London.

Thanks again.

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