The Challenging Read

When I say my novels are challenging reads, this is no empty boast. They are. They evoke a rollercoaster of emotions, but don’t buckle up. It’s not a fast car, more of an intergalactic spaceship travelling at warp speed through my mind.

They may even produce dichotomous emotions simultaneously- sometimes I ‘tek serious t’ing mek laugh’ to temper a social storm that I know is brewing with my scorching words, a witch’s brew of mental conflict and emotional intrigue. They have been deliberately constructed. The architecture of the books- how the work unfolds, reveals itself as the reader turns the pages- says more about me as a writer than any of characters, plots or the themes themselves. They are to be nibbled- small bites at a time. They are a script to a cinematographic reel that uncurls in my mind. The challenge for me as a physician-writer is for you to see those images in my words, to come to an appropriate conclusion, even if that is confusion. My next novel may provide more clarity, or more chaos. We’ll see. Stay with me on this. I have more to tell.

© IC Blackman 2018