Term of the Month: Repressed Justifiable Rage

An injustice occurred. You couldn’t respond. Responding meant the loss of something. You held your anger in. It happened again and again and again, until anger turned to rage. But you held it in. Your life depended on it. Your livelihood depended on it. The the rage had to go somewhere. It moved from clenched fists and hardening jaws into every cell of your being, clenching minds, hardening hearts. You fell from grace with a heart attack, a brain attack. Everything stopped – the remembered good and the present pain. When does your ship come into a safe harbour and out of the raging storm? When does your lighthouse appear above it all, on a solid rock with a longed-for beam of light to show you a way out? Sometimes a beloved friend has to swallow your screams instead of your hushed whispers and moving love songs. Sometimes we have to dance in a sweaty frenzy, jump not for joy, but to let loose, release this clawing beast on our backs. Sometimes we have to run through it to something higher, better, freer; run for our lives to take back a life. Did you see it? Did you see your lighthouse?

© IC Blackman 2018