Term of the Month: Artificially Constructed Parallel Pseudoreality (ACPP)

To adapt to and normalize an artificially constructed parallel pseudoreality is to act against your nature, to lose your mind, therefore cultivating insanity. This isn’t the use of virtual reality with the purpose or intention to advance civilization with the least fallout- humane, egalitarian. Let us be clear. When you write fiction, you construct parallel pseudorealities. The reader’s involvement is volitional. He or she can come and go as they please. Jump between pages. Open and close covers. Though the wish of every writer is to live immortal in the mind of the reader; this too is a volitional process. For every creation, intention is paramount to its manifestation. One speaks here of systems of control which will inevitably lead to the devolution of humanity- walking bodies without sound minds, inhabiting an advanced physical reality.


© IC Blackman 2018