Silencing Songbirds – Courting the Macabre 10-11/19

To be read by candlelight on the cusp of winter’s birth and autumn’s demise.

Peels of booming thunder and flashes of slicing lightning not included. Ghost noises optional…

Canary in a coalmine

Vultures bound and gagged

Winged famished sages circling

Making feasts from the dead

A klaxon boldly sounding

Do you hear its deafening knell

Your hell has become your heaven

Your heaven has become your hell

Mausoleum of the mind

Winter of the soul

Fools’ debts will be payed in full

Before the silver bells toll

Silencing of the songbirds

That sweet harmony that cures

That uplifts souls of troubled folk

Till the requiem of fear endures

© 2019 IC Blackman