Putting the Sacred Cow back in Cowboy – The Redemption of Woman

This is when things are about to get ornery. This is when the sacred herd fight for their chance to low with a deeper satisfaction. This is when the boy becomes a man- an enduring life buoy. This is when the sacred mother in us must acknowledge her beloved son.

But can a wounded Madonna be pure in her intentions, noble in her actions, consciously or unconsciously? Can she stop or slow the flow of the tide of this redemption?

The ending of this novel, a ‘botanical twist’, offers a possible outcome and whether despite our intergenerational woes, we will overcome.

Those who are to get it, will get it.

Backwater is out now. Available in paperback and Kindle/e-book on all Amazon platforms.

Further reading: driedink.uk/ecumenical-thought-tom-9-19/