Moxie! and Friends #1- Dr. Otis Goodwill, Nurse Thelma Quashie and the Working Partnership

The Cartoon art-style of IC Blackman- where the earthy hues and geometry of West African Bogolan meets the coruscating authenticity of the Trini Pretty Mas of Wayne Berkley, Irvin McWilliams and Stephen Lee Heung, as well as the symbolic profiles, headshots, and frontal views on the sacred walls of global ancient temples. They speak face to face, facing you, sometimes facing away, but they are always connecting, connected. Welcome to the world of Gigatoons! To view all future Gigatoons, please register. You may however catch a glimpse of them on Instagram. Thanks. – IC

An ambulance was called for Mr. Hook stat, and a hallelujah was shouted with a joyous voice for Mrs. Peck.