Globe Trotters or Globe Squatters (ToM)? The Fall – Dropping the Big Ball (Rapso Fusion πŸ₯πŸŽΈπŸŽ€)

Flying through infinite space

Earthbound bodies can’t compare

All bright eyes up, scanning thin air

Harnessed ice-cold fear

Beyond the foul

That feels like a warm full-orbed afterglow

You’re the unsung superhero

As above

So below


You are the grand show


Jersey wings like angels

Moving like mind-blowing angles

Sublime geometry in motion

Travelling mystic mathematician

Trajectories on high

Long-range shots carve magical arcs

Through space and time

Wizards whizzing by

No time-outs

Your number’s called

Target on your back

Yet dunking golden dreams

While ducking sunbeams

You alley-ooped them all

Before the fall

Now you dunk dough balls

With black holes in scorching blackness

Embracing the madness


Where’s the magic?

From the free throw line

Swishing from a vortex

Slave to a 10% grey cortex

Birthed on this plane of existence

Persistence pays, globe trotter

You’ve got the world


In your hands

Flat courts like spinning planet flatlands


You always did

Never to be outdone

As sacred spheres spin

On the axis of your finger

Pointing heavenward

And the whole world cheers

The still crowd stunned stares

Then the whistle blows

Like a steaming supersonic soul train

As your feet hit the ground

Silence, the only sound

You hurtle through space

Back to banal

This isn’t about basketball


This is the fall

Game over

But it’s March, not mellow October

The king who couldn’t be crowned

Exit the king’s court

You’re homeward bound




Seeking your kingdom cheerless

Globe trotter or globe squatter?

Is this the turnover handover?

Is this the half-time show?

Tell me no!


And The Referee screams, “It’s just an intermission in transmission!”

Β© 2019 IC Blackman