Gigamugs and Gigatoontakes

Here are some of the 17 characters in their most rudimentary form!

Gigatoontakes will assist readers in understanding the full strips when they appear in a month’s time. By midsummer, I meant the middle of summer, or thereabouts.

Please note that Gigatoontakes are a bit unorthodox- they have more text than usual- though the strips will follow more conventional lines with a few creative twists- much more distinctive in style and rendering. The characters will be thankfully recognizable.

The Gigatoons are heavily satirical, so will be most appreciated by older teens 14+ as well as adults. They are also infused with many Caribbean cultural references which would naturally appeal to this demographic, or those with a good grasp of Caribbean culture. Please register to enjoy your Gigatoons soon.

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-Warm regards, IC

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All characters in Gigatoons are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental