Gigamug vs Avatoon

Just so we are clear going forward. A Gigamug is a portrait of a real person done in the signature cartoon style of IC Blackman, as well as a portrait of a Gigatoon.

An Avatoon is a cartoon-style drawing of a real person in the signature style of IC Blackman. In other words, IC gives you a make-over as a…yeah, a Gigatoon. And yes, she shall be indulging in both for her loyal readers very soon. Will let you know on the IG page!

Below, on the left, is the Gigamug of physician-writer IC Blackman – Exhibit A. On the right, is her Avatoon – Exhibit B. Please note, there has been some hair growth since lockdown…Yep folks. Exhibit B is much more legit!

But of course, to IC Blackman, all her Gigatoons are real…

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