Exploring the Taboo of Infatuation in Education

The master craftsman and the apprentice. The teacher and the student.

If you show them the path and make every effort to produce confidence in walking it, they will do so in their natural, unique gait.

  Never to be exploited, but honoured and respected, deeply understood. It is the unspoken portal to inspiration, motivation, and holistic evolution- mind, body, and soul, through the archetypes of mother-son, mother-daughter, father-son, father-daughter. It’s what the student, the apprentice, gifts his/her master teacher. The teacher reciprocates with the gift of supreme knowledge, humble understanding, noble intent, calm and caring correction, competence, commitment, and compassion. And, too, open discussion about this thing called infatuation, an exploration with an aim to demystify as well as to empower.

It’s the opening of the heart. It is sacred.

© 2020 IC Blackman