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Somewhere West of the Atlantic

Recommended age of engagement: 16+ and adults

October will be dedicated to blog posts on the Connected Fiction novel Backwater as well as part of the 1st audio installment in the House of Books later in the month.

This novel will explore how we relate to one another on an intimate level in the Diaspora, a thing with which we will need to come to terms as a matter of urgency: Mother and Father; Mother and Son; Mother and Daughter; Father and Son; Father and Daughter; Sisters and Brothers. I use these terms in their broadest contexts, as well as familially throughout the book. The ending of this novel has a ‘botanical twist’ which would hint at the complexity of fully extricating ourselves from our collective familial challenges. This would be especially true of Mother/Son and Mother/Daughter relationships.

Those of you who are familiar with the work of IC Blackman will understand and appreciate the strong and overriding metaphorical elements in Backwater. The recommended age of engagement reflects the themes covered in the novel and the depth of dialogue it should engender. As with all recommendations, she has every confidence elders and adults will know how best to approach this work.

For questions, comments, and reviews, please use the appropriate icon. The most thought-provoking questions will be answered in Three Questions.

Backwater is out now on Kindle/e–book and paperback on all Amazon platforms. Please click on image of Book cover in Books for more details.

Thank you for your interest in Connected Fiction and Dried Ink.

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