Connected Fiction: Ritchie the Cosmonaut, P.B. Hollingsworths’ Shoe Shoppe, Journey by Foot, and Women in Black


Dark comedy. Social satire.

A renowned shoe empire.

Two brothers. Two lifestyles.

An ending that equalizes.

Teens 16+ and adults


A telling pilgrimage to San Fernando.

Unexpected encounters.

Three artists.

One talent show. One winner.

Teens 18+ and adults


Almost thirteen. Big dreams.

A confined existence. A librarian.

An ex-RAF pilot and an imperfect family.

Superheroes and nemeses.

12+ and adults


Five short stories. 1775-2012.

The pursuit. The fantasy.

Altered states of consciousness.

Survival through calypso. Four Acts.

Teens 16+ and adults

July/August 2018

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