Collateral Creative Thought (ToM 9/19)

So you’re in your flow, thoughts firing off at lightning speed, and whoa! A seemingly unexpected, unrelated thought pops up out of nowhere and invades your consciousness. The emphasis here is on ‘seemingly unexpected’ and ‘unrelated’. More often that not, and I mean months, maybe even years later, I’ve found them to be discomfitingly relevant. But I’ve already completed and published the work. I could amend it- one of the benefits of self-publishing. Here’s the difficult bit- the thought is never as clear, pure or as magical as that pop-up moment.

Picture on the left- how we wish it would be and stay. Picture on the right- how it usually is, which won’t go away…

© 2019 IC Blackman


Collateral Creative Thought- write it down, no matter how ill-timed or bizarre. Given time, it will all make sense. Who’s had a Collateral Creative thought recently while writing- fiction or non-fiction?