Welcome to Dried Ink’s Blog. Here readers have an opportunity to give feedback/comments on IC Blackman’s books using Contact but also to enjoy and share extensions of her creativity. She will make every attempt to respond promptly to feedback so please leave your e-mail address.

For now, the blog will include two long-running cartoons – Afrofish and Moxie in Cartoons/Blog.
Afrofish follows the many tiffs and deep-sea observations of a soulful afro-wearing oddball fish (yes, Oddballs are a bona fide collection of tropical fish species), her sidekick Southern Fry, and their frenemy, the bicentenarian mollusk, Clam.

Also follow Moxie, a height-challenged afro-puff wearing woman who works in a bookstore, but has her sights set on being a writer or singer-songwriter. Share in her daily travails when she is constantly mistaken for an antsy tween and thus has a hard time being taken seriously, or when her attempts at her life dream go awry.

ToM or Term of the Month is as it says – the flagrantly new, the delightfully bizarre and the seriously relevant. Utterance – audio excerpts of Connected Fiction at your fingertips read by yours truly. IMHO – miscellaneous blog posts inspired by the ever-giving ethers and the best book reviews of Connected Fiction. All Eyes will be coming to you live in 2020. Please, kindly share any content you found appealing.

 Enough said. Let’s get connected!