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The blog has at present, one long-running Gigatoon – Moxie! and Friends. Afrofish, and a new addition-  Mosely P. Oglethorpe, Day ‘N’ Night will return in late 2021.  Recent Gigatoons can be found in IMHO, and are all archived in Gigatoons.

Afrofish follows the many tiffs and deep-sea observations of a soulful afro-wearing oddball fish, Afrofish (yes, Oddballs are a bona fide collection of tropical fish species), her sidekick Southern Fry, and their frenemy, the bicentenarian mollusk, Clam.

Also follow Moxie! and Friends, a petite afro-puff wearing woman who works in a bookstore, but has her sights set on being a successful writer. Share in her daily travails when she is constantly mistaken for an antsy, precocious tween and thus has a hard time being taken seriously, or when her attempts at her life- dream go awry with her neighbours on Luckout Lane.

Mosely P. Oglethorpe, also a resident of Specsville, is the owner and founder of Marauder Radio, the No.1 radio in Specsville. Tune in on the first Wednesday of every month when he co-hosts What’s Really in the Entrails of a Gigatoon Town. On the third Thursday of every month enjoy his infamous interviews on Inside the Entrails of a Gigatoon Town.

ToM or Term of the Month – the flagrantly new, the delightfully bizarre, and the seriously relevant.

Utterance – audio excerpts of Connected Fiction at your fingertips.

IMHO – miscellaneous blog posts inspired by the ever-giving ethers and the best book reviews of Connected Fiction.

All Eyes will be coming to you live in the spring of 2021.

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