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For the year 2017-2018, Cartoon of the Month will include two long-running cartoons – Afrofish and Moxie.
Afrofish follows the many tiffs and deep-sea observations of a soulful afro-wearing oddball fish (yes, Oddballs are a bona fide collection of tropical fish species), her sidekick Southern Fry, and their frenemy, the bicentenarian mollusk, Clam.

Also follow Moxie, a height-challenged afro-puff wearing woman who works in a bookstore, but has her sights set on being a writer or singer-songwriter. Share in her daily travails when she is constantly mistaken for an antsy tween and thus has a hard time being taken seriously, or when her attempts at her life dream go awry.

Also from time to time when inspiration strikes, IC Blackman will share a new word or term with her readers/visitors. Some will be witty and fun; some serious.

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