And Then There Were Four

Poetry does a seemless minuet with prose. Calypso strikes up a searing song which ricochets off the page while words do a let-loose dingolay in your heart and soul, make ole mas wit’ yuh mind. Time and space stand still in contemplation. Genres meld together, conspiring to hypnotize in short stories set on the most southerly island of the Caribbean, Trinidad. The Trinidad dialect is used to decipher historical truths and present-day realities. Mama, dis is Mas penned in dried ink. Papa, dis is bacchanal breakin’ free. Gather ’round mothers and daughters; sisters and brothers; fathers and sons. These women have stories to tell. But hear nuh, if yuh ‘fraid some serious ink, yuh cyar play Mas wit’ dese Women in Black.

Connected Fiction for teens 16+ and adults. Summer 2018.

We comin’ fo’ all yuh!


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