Iva Blackman


Welcome to Dried Ink, the world of Connected Fiction. The books on this site were created to engender discussion between teenagers of all ages and the significant adults or elders in their lives parents, guardians, and teachers. They should assist to bridge the disconnect between these two groups through the discussion of, and open dialogue about, topical issues with the help of fiction. Dried Ink’s novels therefore appeal to both the young and the not-so-young. It is hoped that the novels on this site will be approached in this manner mother-daughter, father-son, mother-son, father-daughter, grandfather-grandson, aunt-niece, teacher-student…….

Although the themes will appeal most readily to readers from the Caribbean and the diaspora at large, the themes are such that their universality will appeal to a much wider audience. Most will have a satirical element; most will be challenging reads. They are meant to provoke discussion, lively debate and scholarly dissection around the dinner table, on trains and buses, in classrooms, and on Dried Ink’s website through ‘Contact’.

The novels are all written by physician-writer Iva C. Blackman, who began to write fiction in 2007 after embarking on a career break from working as a consultant physician in general internal and geriatric medicine. Her career in medicine began in 1989. The Dried Ink concept was born from the constant writing of medical histories at the bedside with a fountain pen, which would smudge and blot irritatingly but she refused to use the inelegant biro. The rubber stamp motif  on her website is a tribute to the use of a giant rubber stamp (needing its own bag), which Blackman lugged constantly throughout her career in many hospitals in the UK.

IC Blackman has lived in Trinidad, Jamaica, Nigeria, the USA and the UK, where she now resides. Her cartoons, Afrofish and Moxie feature on the website in Cartoons/Blog and are an extra treat for Dried Ink’s visitors. The cartoons are heavily satirical and some are an extension of the themes explored in her novels. For comments and to get connected, please use Dried Ink’s ‘Contact’.

Enough said let’s get connected!